Artist Cooperative

The artist-owned Party Citadel worker cooperative will develop and manufacture a product line featuring party and event supplies, made from diverted waste materials from the Whittier Free Store, providing an alternative to single-use disposables, and ultimately providing cooperative business ownership for local artists. 

The Party Citadel product line of reusable party supplies will include bunting, banners, party games, tablecloths, napkins, papel picado, lanterns, and other reusable party supplies made from diverted waste.

Party Citadel aims to disrupt the wasteful life cycle of stuff, and move the needle on throwaway culture, by designing innovative waste diversion strategies that repurpose a significant tonnage of items otherwise destined for the landfill, and also provide consumer alternatives to buying new and disposable items. This solution is, further, designed to create local and regional living wage jobs, in turn providing housing stability, promoting racial justice, eliminating commutes, and reducing pollution.

To learn more about Party Citadel, or to schedule a tour of the Artisan Work Lab, email Megan at